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Global Electrification's Experts

Global Electrification's structure includes an independant Technical Committee made up primarily of CIGRE's experts, but which can also include high level figures without ties to any particular company.

Five experts come from the International Council on Large Electric Systems(CIGRE):
Aldo Bolza,Chairman, Technical Committee, CIGRE,
Chairman, Italian Electrotechnical Committee
Jürgen Schwarz, former Managing Director of the Association of German Network Electricity Companies(VDN)
Colin Ray , former Head of Development at National Grid (UK)
Giancarlo Manzoni,former Chairman of the Association of Italian Electricity (Associazone Energia Ellettrica)
Jean Kowal, Secretary General of CIGRE,Director of TACIS program for Eastern-Western Europe synchronisation project, 1997-2000.

One independant expert:
Jorge Viegas de Vasconcellos, Portuguese elctricity and gas regulator until December 2006,Chairman of the European Regulators'Group for Electricity and Gas(until December 2005). Co-founder of the School of European Regulators.