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Origins of Global Electrification

In Europe and North America, establishing a reliable electricity supply was a long process ,and with hindsight the various details and stages involved can now seen clearly . The stable supply now enjoyed by countries in those regions is the result is the result of long-term thinking about balancing power systems, and co-ordinating and interconnecting grids.
That thinking is now being continued and extended with studies looking at ways of optimising and exploiting the potential offered by renewable energy generation.The goal is to connect small and medium-sized power sources as efficiency as possible. This is particularly important for Africa and developing countries ,given their potential renewable energy sources.
The task of balancing power networks currently falls to the operators of Electricity Transmission Utilities. Worldwide specialists in electricity transmission have founded a global association known as the "International Council on Large Electric Systems"(CIGRE). The association's purpose is not to provide aid to developing countries.
"Global Electrification has established an agreement with CIGRE ,and is seeking to use mainly independant volunteer experts from CIGRE.