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The aim:to ensure a constant electricity supply free of power cuts in developping countries.

Access to ectricity is a necessity , both for individuals for lighting homes, preserving food, and so on , and also for business , whose existence simply depends on it.
Ensuring proper access for all first requires sufficient generating facilities . Considerable efforts have already been underkaten to this effct for developing countries ,and those efforts are continuing.
However , the quality of the the electricity supply itself is also crucial.Many developing countries suffer from power cuts that can strike at any moment and last for any amount of time.Voltage or frequency jumps prevent or disrupt the running of important equipment such as computer hardware.
These types of malfunctions are major problem in many African, South Asian or Latin American states. They are disruptive for businesses and frustating for citizens.The media in the countries concerned report seemingly endless incidents caused by power cuts,often leading to public disorder.
These problems affect not only rural areas,but also major cities and their suburbs ,key development zones where many companies'headquarters are located.
Ensuring a reliable electricity supply is essential for improving the daily lives of the population and enabling economic development.